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Free cash flows, after funding all profitable projects, can be invested unprofitably by managers wishing to retain control over these funds.
No good reason exists to believe that a prudent racial minority station owner invariably will program a station unprofitably in order to advance a political or ideological agenda grounded in group identity, instead of seeking to maximize the station's financial returns.
Ford Europe has lost a lot of money in the first three months of this year and we cannot continue to operate the business unprofitably.
I didn't mind at all that I was suspected of worshiping someone who had been unfailingly, and unprofitably, kind to a young dolt, and I don't mind if anyone, indeed everyone, should consider me in comparable terms vis-a-vis Aldus.
The companies have crushed their smaller rivals as they fought to protect their own bottom line from the impact of unprofitably low state-set fuel prices, the Beijing News reported.
He only feels "vaguely satisfied" by this action, however, and the visit to town, where things are supposed to happen, ends unprofitably.
While in protection the company negotiated to terminate leases of stores that were operating unprofitably.
We want to drive profits rather than sell products unprofitably," she added.
On the other side of the equation, transport companies who use freight exchanges like Coolload are able to find 'return loads' for their vehicles with minimum effort, and staff are free to plan their operations more effectively, thereby reducing the amount of time that their vehicles run empty and unprofitably.
The result may be stimulated cargo traffic but with unprofitably low yields over sub-optimally scheduled networks.
Consolidated had unprofitably extended credit to a broad range of borrowers, from home buyers to large and small businesses in various industries.