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Despite an unpromising start to British welfare reform under Liberal Prime Minister Campbell-Bannerman, elected in 1906, says Cooper, much of the Poor Law system was rendered redundant by successive Liberal administrations by 1914.
Andrea Dunbar's semi-autobiographical play, is a vivid portrait of girls caught between a brutal childhood and an unpromising future.
SOUTHFIELD JOCK, who qualified from an unpromising position in the heats and then drew trap one in Tuesday's opening semi-final.
The country's paltry gold-medal output in the recent Southeast Asian Youth Athletics Championships on home soil provides the national track and field federation a glimpse of an unpromising future.
The script leaves politics and religion in the shade and offers a sunny outlook on the possibilities in the most unpromising terrain.
The teams will hope for better luck with the weather on the final day, although the forecast is again unpromising.
NNA - Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi said on Tuesday that a state without a "head" is "feeble and unpromising," calling on deputies to swiftly elect a new president of the republic to revive the development cycle and thwart plots to diffuse the notion of vacuum.
It seems unpromising ground for such a crucial conversation.
They also said our appeals and questions that we raise are often not thorough or unpromising, many agreements are delayed, making it difficult for Germany to provide financial assistance to Kyrgyzstan," he noted.
Audacious twists make the initially unpromising thriller "Proxy" grow more bizarre and compelling as it progresses.
I am sure, without such meeting, the steps of our four parties will be unpromising,"Hovannisian said.
Broad also produced an athletic catch to see off danger man Colin Munro as England unexpectedly narrowed the margins and, from an unpromising position, took the outcome to the last ball before their hosts overhauled 170 for five with three wickets in hand.