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These begin unpromisingly -- judged by today's criteria -- by assuming that `hard' and `soft' systems (roughly, determinate and indeterminate respectively) exist in the world.
The new housing is the first phase of a large development planned among others of less exciting design in an unpromisingly flat open suburb at the edge of the city-a placeless place neither town nor country.
For Cary Grant, who had more charisma in his proverbial little finger than most of today's stars, started unpromisingly as Archie Leach, in working class Bristol, with a tragic family secret which cast a pall over the rest of his life.
This season started unpromisingly because of moderate May weather.
Arsenal's Cup run had started very unpromisingly with a goal-less draw at Highbury against Port Vale and a win on penalties in the replay.
It has to be said that this book starts unpromisingly.
The production begins unpromisingly with a lack of unison among the young dancers in the Christmas Eve scene at the Stahlbaum home, and a rather plodding pace.
The very best seeing often comes on still, muggy summer nights when the air is heavy with humidity and the sky looks unpromisingly milky with haze.
The 18-year-old from Esh Winning had started unpromisingly, making a four-ball duck in the first innings.
It starts unpromisingly with a standard introductory montage of people being bundled into police vans, walking on the street in their pyjamas, bellowing at each other from their sofas and drunkenly cavorting teenagers.
When Andy Lloyd fell for 23, on a good pitch, Warwickshire were perched unpromisingly on 53 for three.
As a two-year-old Marchand D'Or was so fractious he needed castrating and ran so unpromisingly he was even well beaten in a claimer.