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Last week, after an unpromisingly quiet beginning, was what experts in the field refer to as a hefty bag of angry motoring.
His six-page feature, which begins unpromisingly with the slogan 'So Much To Answer For', quickly gathers pace as he writes: "England's Second City is responsible for a musical legacy that spans numerous sub-genres and continues to inspire.
Afterwards, when I ascertain the result, I sometimes find that the bet started well but then went horribly wrong, other times that it began unpromisingly before turning out surprisingly well.
Given that university is such a wonderful experience, it is a shame the process has to start so unpromisingly.
It began unpromisingly when his milk-bottle white legs took him onto the field as a tour replacement against South Africa in 1998 when Wales were horribly humiliated, 96-13.
Unpromisingly, we have Asda lined up to distribute two million 'gym and swim' vouchers.
The report, unpromisingly titled 'Shared Social Responsibility: A Field Experiment in Pay-What-You-Want Pricing And Charitable Giving', was based on a study of 113,047 people who took a ride on a rollercoaster at a large amusement park in San Diego.
So much for theory; the actual dance begins unpromisingly.
Right," he says unpromisingly and shows me the motors he has on offer.
The show started rather unpromisingly with Kanye asleep on the stage.
As you drive south out of the Loire Valley itself, you pass quite large vineyards planted on unpromisingly flat sandy soil and very gently rolling clay and limestone hills.