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Once the lexical verb is in INFL, it can license the deletion of all constituents c-commanded by it (say, the deletion of the whole VP, which may contain adjuncts, VP complements and the unpronounced copy of V, whose pronounced copy will be spelled-out in INFL).
9) Further, there were notable contemporaries of Cervantes (such as Andres Florez in 1557 and Mateo Aleman in 1609) who explicitly suggest in published guides to orthography that the unpronounced, orthographically required letter U after all instances of Q be eliminated as unnecessary (Gonzalez Salgado 36-37).
The major ideas explored in Caucasia from miscegenation to slavery and racism, as a form of war, all lead to the same conclusion about the nation's visible, but unpronounced history of cultural diversity and hybridity.
Curiously, the concluding, yet unpronounced, couplets of the poem resonate with a sense of political engagement:
CDA does not look at a problem at its face value but it uses its searchlight on some likely unpronounced factors that might have elicited or contributed to the problem.
the adjectivization (the angles and lighting); and the specific conventions of the comicographic language of the balloon: the unpronounced sounds, the visualized metaphors, onomatopoeias, and kinetic figures.
To give a similar, oft discussed example, it is a matter of significant dispute whether, when uttered, "It's raining" contains an unpronounced constituent in its asserted content about a salient location.
The final stage of which is an overt and official policy towards the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, albeit it is unpronounced and within the framework of Iraq.
Thus, where inequalities exist, opportunity freedom can make them even more pronounced or otherwise open the door to pronounced inequalities that may be initially unpronounced.
Yet, as unpronounced as this makes him on multiple religious belonging, the ample scholarly output he has produced (as a theological elite) is rich enough to provide a framework for theorizing it.
The French language is often the undoing of many singers due to the preponderance of unpronounced consonants.
The results of the analysis also support findings regarding the duration of these effects: the Fran effects are short and unpronounced, while the Floyd effects are progressively longer and more pronounced.