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Given that unpropitious legacy, the actions of this Government to reduce the deficit and start to rebuild the economy are, I believe, all the more remarkable.
How can political organizing prove effective in the current unpropitious context?
Conversely, to fulfill one's betrothal vow even in unpropitious or inadvertent circumstances is to act in troth, or fidelity.
Her mind is "unpropitious for heroism." She doesn't water rose bushes, and she has "no taste for a garden" (13).
As such, it had weight when local parties debated their next actions, particularly where local conditions had previously been thought unpropitious for armed revolt, or local parties were in a state of ambivalence following setbacks.
The iambic progress of the first line falters on its weak final syllable, and the awkwardness of stressing "and" in the second line and "in" in the third creates a tentative and stuttering metre that is an unpropitious vehicle for the stanza's declamatory language.
But Mikhail Gorbachev--almost exactly the saine age--hailed from similarly unpropitious circumstances.
At this most unpropitious moment, Lindsay entered almost single-handedly into his own personal culture war against the cynics and skeptics of his day, an effort that was perhaps heroic but certainly doomed.
Though the rest of Guy's visit also seems unpropitious, there is one sign that he is not completely lost.
Samuel Johnson quipped that "comedy has been particularly unpropitious to definers".
Eliot describes the ongoing struggle "to recover what has been lost / And found and lost again" an action no w taking place "under conditions / That seem unpropitious." (1) Such words could certainly describe the historical moment of the poem's publication: the Easter (21st March) 1940 number of the New English Weekly, when the poem appeared amidst ever-worsening news from the European theatre of war.
Librarian and academic are well met in this collaboration despite what they may say in their preface about being two "middle-aged pedants." Together, they cover Franklin's career as a printer and writer from its humble, if not downright unpropitious, beginnings to its full and extraordinary fruition.