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The election climate then was also unpropitious for the return of unemployed migrant workers, since it would tarnish the performance of the Ramos administration and damage the electoral possibilities of administration candidates.
These are all remarkable performances, but Walks in Rome is a crucial work, not just to understand Prince's oeuvre but to see how an uncommon poetic intelligence has managed to remain creative in especially unpropitious circumstances.
One unpropitious condition, so it seems to be implied (pp.
The reference to the CDU as the 'christlichste aller zur Verfugung stehenden Parteien' recalls the grotesque irony of his compensation claim on account of his previously unpropitious Jewish' nose.
The Apollo of "Apollo in Picardy" and the Dionysus of "Denys l'Auxerrois" are gods born again in unpropitious circumstances after a long absence.
These competitors arrived at an unpropitious moment for KKR; its Beatrice buyout--the deal that symbolized KKR's financial acumen and prowess--was running into snags.
She has taken the typically unpropitious ride on Fortune's Wheel--once she was up, now she is down--and this descent has occurred by the mere "turn" of events in her life, not by any real action she has taken.
32] Such a critique, however, cuts both ways: one also needs to consider how rehabilitationism might be implemented in such an unpropitious social setting.
But the social climate created by the economic crisis was very unpropitious for this budding plant.
For liberation theorists, then, the necessity of vanguard ism was dictated by the strength of the colonial apparatus and the unpropitious distribution of indigenous class forces.
But he is careful to set Omar Khayyam (along with the Sufi poet Hafiz) apart from others toward whom he directs his unpropitious scorn: "To be sure their Roses and Nightingales are repeated enough; but Hafiz, and old Omar Khayyam ring like true Metal.
To emphasize the point, Cowley reminds the reader of the unpropitious circumstances surrounding Christ's birth "in a noisome stable" (303); like David, his origins are lowly and obscure.