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Linearity and unprovability of set union problem strategies I.
140ff.); and the alleged demonstration that Meinongian logic and mathematics with classical transfinite subtheory is so non-classically defined that it does not support the classical limiting metaproofs of incompleteness, undecidability, and unprovability of consistency for sufficiently rich systems (pp.
The unprovability of this sort of contextual reading need not invalidate its conclusions; the standards of evidence in literary history are necessarily fairly generous.
Eggebrecht readily admits the unprovability of his argument (author's preface, pp.
Frege sometimes counts these three features -- truth, certainty, and unprovability -- as constituting the Euclidean meaning of "axiom".
The unprovability of the consistency (non-triviality) of arithmetic in arithmetic was certainly a negative result for many, in that it killed off Hilbert's Programme.
On the other hand a model with two will show all at once the unprovability in Q of a number of elementary arithmetic statements.