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When the personal injury lawyers presented the jury with an unprovable theory that injuries would have been avoided had the fuel tank been over the rear axle instead of behind it, the jurors were not allowed to hear data and testimony on the Malibu's low accident fire rates.
It seems to me morally feeble, as well as intellectually slack, to split the difference between Clinton and Broaddrick or to characterize her allegation as unprovable.
It also "discriminates against females" and "is based on unproved and unprovable assumptions.
Interestingly, the Stevens of the 1930s becomes less rather than more distinct as the abundance of Filreis's contextual detail piles up around him, and the contention that 'Stevens sought and stood on the ground of reception being cleared for him' during the decade is not so much proven by the author's cascades of evidence as made to seem essentially unprovable as soon as the poetry itself comes back into view.
Martin summarizes Cooke's argument effectively, but ultimately takes him to task for basing his arguments on false - or at least unprovable - assumptions about what can be considered "natural" or inherent within the music itself.
These propositions are of varying cogency, the first being a tautology and the last unprovable.
So finally, at this stage of the journey, much is unprovable, whether the quest is God or universal laws.
Almost all of the technical arguments in favor of Star Wars are based on computer studies, each loaded with unprovable assumptions, and a few low-powered laboratory devices.
THE letter from Mike Jackson (Mail, January 6) shows that the efforts of some Labour voters to prove the unprovable is moving from being desperate to being bizarre.
Sir - Your correspondent Jack Harris (Letters, February 27) makes several tendentious and frankly unprovable arguments in his arguments in favour of Trident nuclear weapons of mass destruction.
They also claim products are good for youngsters even if unprovable.
Andrew Murray, chairman of the Stop the War Coalition, said: ``Colin Powell's statement is a rehash of unprovable speculation, questionable evidence and inconclusive assertions.