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The end of the twentieth century gave out-of-control thinking the perfect infrastructure to make the untrue, unreasonable, and unprovable seem real: that infrastructure being the internet.
Speaking about the Energy Committee's report, he said: "The line they've taken is it's unproven, not unprovable. I agree with them, it is unproven, that's why we'll take two years to prove it.
"The rule of logic known as Ockham's Razor -- do not multiply unnecessary entities -- would seem to favor a single unprovable God over an infinity of unprovable universes," writes Rabbi Sacks.
Aspects of his central thesis, however, focus on the unprovable contention that Soviet propaganda would have functioned better if the regime had adopted a more liberal relationship toward its public management of the war.
In fact, adding [logical not]Tl (this is an unprovable formula!) to the stock of theorems of propositional logic immediately abolishes the Post (absolute) consistency of this logic.
A SECRET RUC intelligence document claiming a garda was passing information to the IRA was graded as unprovable, the Smithwick tribunal heard yesterday.
Within our neck of the woods, health reform and system transformation also have spawned what can seem like overwhelming commentary--much of it at a very high level and generally unprovable, or so granular and lengthy that you can feel your brain becoming detached from your body.
"If we arc forced to a theory of art as representation," writes Antin, "then we will need a new and adequately complex theory of representation, which is to say that wc will need a new theory of content." Of course, we are forced to no such thing, but then his rhetoric at times demands high-handed dismissal of the "improven and unprovable" assertions of others followed by wildly speculative logical leaps of his own.
It is said to be incomplete, if for some sentence A, both A and not--A are unprovable. It is described as consistent if there is no sentence A, such that both A and--A are provable in S.
In 2009, he said that "The pretext [the Holocaust] for the creation of the Zionist regime [Israel] is false" and that it is "a lie based on an unprovable and mythical claim".
Graham-Dixon shrewdly denies oxygen to such notions, reminding his readers that Caravaggio's martyrdom 'to the drives of an unconventional sexuality' is both unprovable and anachronistic.