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Energen Corporation (Energen) (NYSE: EGN), a diversified energy holding company with headquarters in Birmingham, US, is writing off its 2010 unproved capitalised leasehold associated with its deep Conasauga shale acreage in the second quarter of 2010.
Others contend that the technique is still unproved, has not been adequately validated, and is scheduled for market prematurely via a route not requiring approval by the Food and Drug Administration.
We realise some parents are concerned about the MMR vaccine and the unproved allegation but it is the safest way to protect children from measles, mumps and rubella.
Other features include sloped entry steps and unproved handrails, new doors and platforms, mono-lever PPC hydraulic system with an F/N/R control switch for smooth operation.
The rest of us saw the traditional defence of someone trying to escape from his accusers by throwing unproved allegations against a third party rather than proving that his fingerprints were not on the presentation which persuaded us to accept the war.
The article states that a study by a group of physicians appointed by the Florida Department of Health has recently concluded that the alleged hazards from CCA-treated wood is unproved.
Evolution, understood as the development of species, including the human race, and dependent on genetic mutation and random variations in bodily advantages, and the survival of the fittest, is an unproved theory, no more.
The model ATXN10l3A is a small dual-band VCO/PLL module designed to minimize phase noise and reduce lock times to less than 1 ms for unproved data transmission integrity.
Granted, their counterintuitive scenario depends on an exotic, unproved mode of particle decay.
Thus, the claim that the "pattern" of killing "evolved out of carnival itself" appears, in the end, as a boldly interesting, but largely unproved suggestion.
The situation becomes particularly emotional (and litigious) when it involves a patient with cancer who may have exhausted all other treatment options and a promising but unproved therapy - for example, high-dose chemotherapy - is offered as the only hope of cure.
FORT WORTH, Texas -- RANGE RESOURCES CORPORATION (NYSE: RRC) announced today that its estimated unrisked unproved resource potential ("unproved resource potential") as of December 31, 2012 increased to 48 - 68 Tcfe, up from 47 - 66 Tcfe at year-end 2011.