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The Norwegian Petroleum Directorates basic estimate for total proven and unproven petroleum resources on the Norwegian continental shelf is about 15.
Compared to those receiving evidence-backed treatments, patients with breast cancer who opted for unproven methods were more than five times as likely to die, those with lung cancer were more than twice as likely to die and those with colon cancer were about five times as likely to die.
This committee would make recommendations to the NFL on unproven stem cell treatments and could also investigate other new and controversial medical interventions.
From governments, from funding agencies, how can we have this plan move this unproven medicine to medicines that are experimented in the field to make an impact possibly on the epidemic, but certainly also on the lives of the people who have to fight the epidemic.
But scientists said Stamina's treatment was unproven and risky.
The NWHN believes women need to know about the unproven claims for natural hormones and supports the FDA's actions.
It's not a good idea to integrate unproven theory or beliefs with valid scientific knowledge.
On the other side of the debate, some researchers worry that patients will expose themselves to more risk by taking unproven drugs.
Currently, the club has snapped up a fair number of young, unproven players, but they seem to be more hungry and motivated to progress into first team.
Oftentimes the benefits of homeownership go unrealized because of a lack of confidence in an unproven market," said Tola.
Robins' book ends with an analysis of Copeland's legacy: Homeopathy remains an unproven practice that nevertheless is part of modern alternative medicine.