unprovided for

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As he wrote again, at the end of 1808, Johnson hoped this latest request will see 'some humble situation in the Church, or otherwise, my half pay', for he notes that 'about seven years since I made that application; I remain wholly unprovided for, and am under the painful necessity of serving as a Curate'.
5 million) and the recognition of a previously unprovided for deferred tax asset in the third quarter ($0.
OK, so it's an old joke, but it does pretty well describe the situation of too many people in this country, with a pensions crisis that means we are woefully unprovided for in our twilight years.
The total amount unprovided for is [pounds sterling]
46) The reason for this common law distinction was that a man's wife was provided for outside of the will by dower, whereas if his will was not revoked by the birth of children, "the natural object of his bounty, would be wholly unprovided for.
As of March 27, 2002, the date on which ITV Digital was put into administration, the Group had balances owed to it and unprovided for, in respect of programming licensed to ITV Digital, of (pound)22 million ($32 million).
The total amount unprovided for is [pounds sterling] 3,734,000 ( June 2002 [pounds sterling]4,499,000, December
95 per share) charge to net earnings in the third quarter of 1997, which represents the unprovided for net deficiency related to this matter.