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A liaison with the former at Cheveley Park Stud necessitates an outlay of pounds 65,000, while Coolmore's record-breaking flagbearer commands an unpublicised six-figure fee.
But booking ultra cult art, cinema director Claire Denis's largely dialogue free and balletic, visually poetic celebration of the muscular male body for a two week run as an opening film in the untried and largely unpublicised new UGC at Five Ways seems ambitious to the point of foolhardy.
He made similar - unpublicised - comments on radio last year.
To add spice to the possibilities, the Fly believes there could be a company, so far unpublicised, but with an intriguing link to the existing set-up, that is watching developments from the wings.
In gentlemanly days when the Bank of England ostensibly fixed interest rates on its own, after a quiet and unpublicised word with the Chancellor of the day, its tactics were likened to those of the Grand Old Duke of York.
It's the small, unpublicised causes in life I am really attracted to.
Both whips featuring in the unpublicised trials, organised by the Jockey Club in conjunction with the RSPCA, comply with Portman Square rules, and have been made by Northern Ireland-based Robert Patten, whose products are used by the majority of Britain's jump jockeys.
The offer was said to have taken place at an unpublicised meeting in Bonn on Thursday between Mr Robertson, US Defence Secretary Mr William Cohen and their French, German and Italian counterparts.
Behind the scenes, Sophie makes unpublicised visits to maternity hospitals to see the charity's work in action.
Is this the bright new much-heralded dawn, when the voice of those who actually care about racing, who have faithfully stood on the Rowley Mile when it is empty and unpublicised, is condemned as "irrelevant", as "backwards-looking", as "off-putting", and is drowned out instead by the terrifying holler of the football chant?
But, as his publishers, we recognise the value to the city of the generous unpublicised support he gives to many local associations and authors.
Derry cannot afford another management crisis but there has been unpublicised criticism of the tactics deployed by Brian Mullins prior to their defeat.