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On the balance of probabilities, yes," the previously unpublicized FIFA report said, according to the newspaper.
At least three more US retailers suffered unpublicized attacks similar to the one on Target and the extent of the credit card data breach during the holiday season might be larger than previously thought.
Mikdad pointed out that several European countries contacted the Syrian government and sent unpublicized delegations to Damascus to discuss issues related to people from these countries who are participating in terrorist operations in Syria, noting that these countries are concerned over the possibility of these terrorists' returning to their countries of origin.
The store has already opened its doors to the public in south Arlington in a largely unpublicized soft opening.
The Metis people's contributions during the war that defeated the American invasion have been largely unpublicized.
But the battle stretches beyond the bigscreen as cable providers aren't entirely sold on the idea of tossing unproven and mostly unpublicized VOD movies onto their services.
Many more instances of religious bigotry go unpublicized.
The stories of generosity by the Jennings Osborne family (see story, Page One) are legion, and many have gone unpublicized.
But sources close to the as yet unpublicized bill told the newspaper that the legislation leaves channels for a diplomatic solution, and does not serve as an authorization for military action.
The first was the unpublicized release of a fishing boat from Somali pirates by a Danish warship January 7.
According to AUC professor Samia Mehrez, the judges picked novelist Sonallah Ibrahim to accept the first award and he declined with a "discreet and unpublicized refusal.
A product of decades of research and personal experiences, the book explores the unpublicized portion of Latinos' place in building American culture as well as the negative institutionalized stigma attached to Latinos.