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On the other, we can effect that breach only by acknowledging that modernism itself advanced at different speeds, in overlapping moments, and was decidedly unpunctual.
Sum yourself up in five words Loyal, industrious, fair, unpunctual, grumpy.
It is totally unacceptable for an unpunctual employee with lower performance to score high in assessment.
If the Spanish were for one travel writer 'the Irishmen of the South', they were also seen as the Africans of Europe or the Orientals of the West--superstitious, unpunctual, picturesque and hopeless.
Austen's language, even in the letters, shimmers, as when she complains about not hearing from Cassandra: "You have written I am sure, tho' I have received no letter from you since your leaving London;--the Post, & not yourself must have been unpunctual.
Buses are few and far between, unpunctual and stops are far from many resorts, so don't bother.
Johnny pumped in his attributes, How he was chaotic and unpunctual, And to call him shambolic was, Insulting the dysfunctional.
Her ambitious visions lead her to impetuous enthusiasms and uncontrolled outbursts of speech and emotion, and also to spending more time on scholarship and romances than on homely pursuits such as sewing; her passion for reading leads her to be unpunctual as well, so that her family nickname is Etheldred the Unready.
Daryl Charles, "Passionately Seeking the Truth: Unpunctual Protestant Reflections on Fides et Ratio," pp.
In the second scene, Hamlet listens to Claudius's penitential prayer and becomes, as Mark Thornton Burnett notes, "an unpunctual but unconsoling father confessor.