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Daryl Charles, "Passionately Seeking the Truth: Unpunctual Protestant Reflections on Fides et Ratio," pp.
In the second scene, Hamlet listens to Claudius's penitential prayer and becomes, as Mark Thornton Burnett notes, "an unpunctual but unconsoling father confessor.
Boasting about being unpunctual and moody might not be the usual practice during an interview for your dream job but character flaws could be the sign of a powerful personality, say researchers.
I'd been in such a rush to get dressed - I'm terribly unpunctual - but I still felt good in my Dolce & Gabbana top and Gucci boots.
MPs hit out at the low standards of much of the region's rail services, said to be often unreliable and unpunctual.
Scottish railways are an unpunctual, filthy shambles, and the Underground, if Scots ever manage to get to London, is an overcrowded, evil-smelling national disgrace.
The Pedlar evokes a paucity of available mourning not in itself mournable, one not based on frugal self-preservation but inflecting an unpunctual and uncontainable finitude, no more fully present at the cottage ruin than Margaret's memory is fully absent.
According to Tacitus our fore-bears were lazy, unreliable, unpunctual, prone to alcohol abuse, and general no-hopers -- except to the extent to which we adopted Roman customs.
NEW mum Daisy Donovan credits baby Maisy with changing her life - transforming her from being a notoriously unpunctual singleton into a super-sorted mum.
Instead we shrug, sigh, and get back on the overcrowded and unpunctual trains once more.
He lived up to his unpunctual reputation and arrived some 15 minutes late.