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26) As regards rail services, the most important factors underlying the comparatively low satisfaction of southern citizens were low train-frequency, unpunctuality and inadequate [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 20 OMITTED] train schedules.
She also has to help when there are torn clothes, unpunctuality, if pupils have to phone urgently.
This then removes the standard excuse for unpunctuality, the unrealistic nature of the schedule in the first place.
The personal weaknesses of the owner were projected on to others: inarticulateness, unpunctuality, a controlling need, suspicion and lack of trust were all at one time or another used to subjugate staff.
Richter's arrival is reassuring to those who know his reputation for unpunctuality, which stems from a disinclination ever to travel by air or train; for this series of concerts he has in fact been driven by car the whole way from Moscow.
Oliver interpreted this unpunctuality as lack of compromise and love from his partner.
He's learned to accept some things: unpunctuality, silence, disappearance, even early death.
It looked as though last season could have been the ex-Manchester United and Celtic midfielder's last at the Stadium of Light after he was transfer-listed for persistent unpunctuality.