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The logic of the steps taken by us right now is dictated by these circumstances, we will not allow an unpunishable loss of lives of our citizens.
essentially unpunishable within-prison homicides of guards and fellow
Trust behavior also reduces losses from others' undetectable or unpunishable opportunistic behavior, losses that could discourage the formation of valuable agency and team production relationships in the first place.
Maria, therefore, cannot choose to interpret Joe's action as an unpunishable private wrong.
And third, because of its irreconcilability it was unpunishable.
Opponents involved in those incidents, Southampton's Tahar El Khalej, Leicester's Robbie Savage and Martin Keown of Arsenal are unpunishable, because of a disciplinary loophole.
The Serbs who came here are now going back to their own homes, proud of their achievements, unpunished and unpunishable.
444 (1969) (holding mere advocacy unpunishable in the absence of incitement directed to near-certain crime).
This, needless to say, is a contract among "elites," a sleazy deal between political and economic insiders--the so-called criminal-nomenklatura symbiosis--who, in bed with each other, engage in mutually beneficial unpunishable misdeeds.
She says, "For absolutists, the `right-to-die' issue is as indisputable as abortion: Killing oneself, or helping another to die, is murder; although the first act is humanly unpunishable, the second ought to be penalized to the full extent of the law, which, in most states, requires that the perpetrator receive assistance in dying by electrocution, suffocation, or lethal injection.
Pornography that is merely sexually explicit need not be artistic; it is unpunishable without regard to an artistic defence.
23) In the case of Cambodia, adopting an uncompromisingly universalist approach to the crime of genocide may undermine the legitimacy of international law and internationalized courts by rendering the acts of the Khmer Rouge unpunishable.