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Certainly the argument that God is not in a genus, on account of the identity of his esse with his essence, does not imply that his esse is unqualifiable.
It is like dancing around the golden calf while knowing that an unqualifiable god has already been invented.
First of all, this means that all knowledge and all action has to be founded on paradoxes and not on principles; on the self-referential unity of the positive and the negative - that is, on an ontologically unqualifiable world.
They were flimflammers of tourists, wildcat miners, cigar makers without the white label, carriers of baskets on poles, cubic air breathers, miscegenists, landsquatters and landlords without deeds, kangaroo jurists, medical and legal practitioners without degrees, unconvertible pagans and heathens, gamblers with God and one another, aliens unqualifiable for citizenship, unrelated communalists and crowders into single-family dwellings, dwellers and gamblers in the backs of stores, restauranteurs and launderers who didn't pass health inspection, droppers of garbage into other people's cans, payers and takers of less than minimum wage .