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If sufficient evidence is obtained regarding the beginning inventory, the auditor may appropriately issue an unqualified opinion on all the financial statements.
Turning to the AGs findings on the National Skills Fund and the Safety and Security Seta, which together contributed 59% of the total irregular expenditure incurred in 2015/16, Minister Nzimande said there was clearly still work to be done to ensure that the DHET and its subordinate entities attained only unqualified audit opinions.
The AAC Bashir Ahmad checked over 30 medical laboratories and arrested the managers of 12 laboratories for hiring unqualified staff, non-registration and presence of expired kits.
Sixty-one per cent of more than 4,600 members surveyed by the NASUWT said they were <B working alongside unqualified staff
More than eight in ten of those questioned said that their school regularly uses unqualified staff as teachers.
Now a paramedic employed by Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) has claimed unqualified crews have been sent out alone leaving patients waiting for paramedics to reach the scene.
To escape from the red category, they hired unqualified Saudis, and the percentage increased to 28, he said.
Recent figures obtained from the Schools Minister Nick Gibb revealed there were hundreds of unqualified staff in North East schools.
We are very concerned about the company's direction as there are more problems expected in the future with more unqualified employees being appointed," said bloc spokesman and parliament financial and economic affairs committee vice-chairman MP Abdulhaleem Murad.
Unqualified opinions are the accepted norm, and Baker expects bankers to encourage companies to move in that direction.
It could lead to them being prosecuted for a road traffic offence and appearing in the district court where the procurator fiscal is an unqualified admin assistant and his trial is presided over byan unqualified lay Justice of the Peace.
Over 125 report examples covering many situations: unqualified and qualified auditor reports, reports on internal control, information accompanying audited financial statements.