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but the pure spirit shall flow Back to the burning fountain whence it came, A portion of the Eternal, which must glow Through time and change, unquenchably the same, Whilst thy cold embers choke the sordid hearth of shame.
And they remain unquenchably optimistic - even the lad deprived of his trip to Prague ten days ago because Villa had 'only got one fan.
He took a number of long trips in southern and western China and published travelogues about his experiences, which (since he apparently spoke excellent Chinese and was unquenchably curious about the details of the world around him) are still informative today.
Ohio] soul-hydroptic Being unquenchably thirsty in his soul; a B coinage, cited in OED, s.
Whereas I often feel most comfortable in the dark recesses of a movie theater, Ebert traveled widely, read unquenchably and interacted constantly with people around him, basing his writing on genuine life experience.