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I shall no longer feel the agonies which now consume me or be the prey of feelings unsatisfied, yet unquenched.
Anything but ordinary was this lean, dark-skinned woman, with the face withered as if scorched in great heats, and the eyes, large and black, that flashed and flamed with advertisement of an unquenched inner conflagration.
For all the wealth this Earth contains and All its natural assets, no soul should ever go Hungry, no thirst should ever go unquenched No one should lie dying prematurely for lack Of life-saving drugs and medical help.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Triather Liquid Scintillation Counter, Alpha Beta Separation, Sealed Tritium Standards For Calibration Purpose Quench Set And Unquenched Standard Set, Aqualight Lsc Cocktail, Suitable Laptop With Laser (B/W) Printer As Per Purchasers Tender Specification And Quantity Annexure Attached.
CARL Froch still has "fire in the belly" and an unquenched desire to see his name in lights above the Las Vegas Strip, but he insists retirement is his only option after spending a year out of the ring.
The UAE has taken the correct approach in thwarting those who ply counterfeit products because, sooner or later, it has been established that governments are caught between combating the traffickers or coping with the unquenched demand for fake products.
However, in the presence of a continuous water mist, the bulk density of SB-foamed PHBV was only slightly lower than that of the unquenched samples as shown in Fig.
P AKISTAN'S unquenched thirst for Kashmir is a long running saga.
Control testing was run simultaneously with each batch of human tissue assays: 1) positive control, a smear of BLV-positive cells (FLK cell line) reacted with complete PCR mix; 2) negative controls, a smear of FLK cells and an adjacent serial section of each specimen reacted with PCR mix minus primers, to rule out false-positive reactions unique to each tissue resulting from unquenched endogenous peroxidase, nonspecific reaction of the sheep antibodies used in the final immunoperoxidase detection, or nonspecific DNA repair by Taq polymerase; 3) permeabilization control for entry of PCR mix into cells, with an adjacent serial section of each tissue reacted with PCR mix different from that for IS-PCR by omission of primers, 4.
He then literally kills his audience members in a rage of fury that is unquenched by the catharsis that drama can offer its participants.
INVESTORS awoke from their twoday seasonal snooze on Friday with their appetite for stocks unquenched as the FTSE 100 made it seven days of consecutive gains, adding 56.
Among the ideas he finds are the unquenched drive for knowledge, renunciation of the world and asceticism, God's mercy and kindness, the relationship with animals, and extinction and the union with divinity.