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The article caught the attention of noted New York Times wine writer Eric Asimov, who perhaps unintentionally expressed what I believe to be a popular position that oak alternatives cannot be used to produce good wines of distinction: an excellent example of an unquestioned answer.
There was resistance from Inzamamand he was the unquestioned leader.
Whatever the failings of the people who sent them there, no matter how poor the judgment that landed them in this predicament, the devotion to duty of Britain's armed forces remains unquestioned.
Once the unquestioned leader in technology, he said, America won't win this race by default, only by understanding the new flat world and becoming part of it.
The Best Supplier Award is made each year to Delphi suppliers who provide products or services with an unquestioned commitment to customer service.
Polo Ralph Lauren is among the unquestioned leaders in its industry, and we're very pleased to help serve their real estate needs for another 13 years," said George Wells, senior vice president of Wells Real Estate Funds, who participated in the transaction along with associate asset manager Kevin Pell.
The long-run effectiveness of bonus depreciation, and the similar investment tax credit first enacted by the Kennedy-Johnson administration, however, is unquestioned.
Mind you, when we hear so many southern commentators and presenters rattle on about the 'Queen and future King of England' then it's understandable that English/British mistakes pass unquestioned.
Undoubtedly it all has something to do with masculinity, self-identity, and the pleasing notion of unquestioned power.
THE Taoiseach's dedication to the GAA is unquestioned - but travelling all the way around the world to see a Gaelic football match would even put some GAA die-hards to shame.
However, writings by two generations of Americans--intellectual elites and university students--reveal that the transatlantic voyage throughout this transformative period offered travelers the opportunity to engage in a constructive questioning and self-examination of previously unquestioned beliefs and habits.
The fundamental point here is that each girl comprises both Self and Other: In the candid shots, they display the peculiar fusion, the unquestioned equality of the childhood friendship, while their markedly disproportionate bodies suggest only difference (a difference that threatens to play out uncomfortably in the hostile wilderness of adolescence); in their playacting, their undeveloped forms morph in and out of roles as men and women and as mythical figures including Ophelia and the Virgin Mary.