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Labour ministers' unquestioning support for the likes of James Reilly, Phil Hogan and Alan Shatter also outraged these who might normally have voted for the party.
A despicable failure to recognise the unquestioning service those men gave to their country.
the unquestioning congregation--and head gear they wear at church (5|4)
Prosecutor Anne Whyte described Roache's methods to Preston Crown Court as "designed to impress a young schoolgirl and to secure her unquestioning loyalty as a fan for a sexual purpose - a sort of grooming".
Besides, consider the sinister possibilities of robotic authority, particularly as executed by the unquestioning.
With God On Our Side is a documentary that questions the theology and political aspirations of Christian Zionism, which throws unquestioning support behind the Israeli government.
Most of it will be dull and all of it will be unquestioning and sycophantic.
A newspaper is at its best when it fulfills its valuable role to the public by investigating news stories and reporting accurately on them, not when it sensationalises incidents for effect or when it becomes an unquestioning public detective for the police force.
Experience tells us that seldom do we get such an unquestioning, conformist response to a question of such importance.
From treating rebel guerrillas while captive on an Asian island to caring for 900 HIV-positive orphans, her story is filled with adventure, religious faith, and examples of unquestioning love and obedience, and will prove a powerful inspirational pick for any Christian collection.
Unquestioning obedience to the state was no longer seen as a positive thing.
Izuru Narushima's well-crafted, rather old-fashioned and unquestioning elegy to Adm.