unquestioning belief

See: credulity
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Acknowledging that some stories of Francis may have fanciful embellishments -- for one, Francis is said to have conversed with a wolf to stop it from eating the inhabitants of Gubbio and their livestock -- Carroll is nevertheless open to miraculous possibilities, and her work occupies that obscure area between blind, unquestioning belief and outright cynicism.
Can a follower of unquestioning belief, be called a critic at all?
For most people, support for the monarchy is not a kind of unquestioning belief.
In "Intelligent Design," Brustein says, "I know there is no way to prove my strong suspicion that Shakespeare's religious thinking evolved from an unquestioning belief in a personal God into a quite morbid brand of Indifferentism.
There is a certain irony in the case of the United States; a nation founded on Enlightenment principles of rationality, and now so eagerly becoming a culture of raw, unquestioning belief.
That freedom is what sets the idea of India apart : an idea not a faith, a chance at reason not sheer unquestioning belief.
It is through his readings in psychology and sociology that he develops distrust of his father's unquestioning belief in the rightness of law.
And what a jump in my already high respect for my midwife (and corresponding decline in unquestioning belief in the words of doctors--why couldn't they reason that out as well?
A child's simple, unquestioning belief in God Almighty is a beautiful thing--in a child.
We extol its virtues with an unquestioning belief, myself included.
Equally, his unquestioning belief in freedom of speech reminds her of the radical political passion she once had.
The issues of the American Journal of Nursing from the 1950s express an unquestioning belief that nurses should adhere to a healthy lifestyle.