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On Wednesday, February 13, 1588/9, four days after Bancroft's sermon at Paul's Cross, Queen Elizabeth issued a proclamation ordering magistrates to hunt out those whom she had identified to Burghley as "persons of unquiet Spyrrites.
An Unquiet Mind, Kay Redfield Jamison, ISBN 9781447275282 (Picador Classic)
The show, called The Unquiet Dead, is set in the Welsh capital in 1869, but a distinct lack of Victorian buildings meant cast and crew had to decamp to Wales' second city.
A new album, The Unquiet Sky, is planned for 2015, and this is the band's first ever appearance in St Helens.
When Afridi wins a game in that manner it feels much more than just an ordinary win," said Samiuddin, author of "The Unquiet Ones" , a new history of Pakistani cricket.
In Karikis's sixteen-minute video Children of Unquiet, 2013-14, a group of children play, sing, chant, and read aloud amid the ruins of an abandoned Tuscan village, surrounded by industrial detritus.
In the 2005 Doctor Who episode The Unquiet Dead, in which the Doctor meets Charles Dickens, he mentions a particular fondness for "that one with the ghosts", clarifying that he means The Signalman.
com)-- In his first solo show with KM Fine Arts, Los Angeles based artist Alexander Yulish will feature 12 new works created for An Unquiet Mind accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue with essay by New York art critic and curator Doug McClemont.
Cameron had been reading about her allegedly unquiet spirit on information boards only minutes before he took the pictures.
In her fiction set in the Appalachian mountains, most notably Storming Heaven (1987) and its sequel The Unquiet Earth (1992), Giardina brings back to life her departed neighbors and the communities they populated--communities that are passing or are past.
The Unquiet Grave," which would have made a suggestive title for James Joyce's "The Dead" (1914), has eight variants in Francis Child's great collection, English and Scottish Popular Ballads.