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Agreement with the Modoc," February 14, 1864, unratified.
See supra note 77 (identifying Treaty to Prohibit Transborder Abductions as unratified.
Although more research is underway, the infrasound network being used to do it is under threat: the longer the CTBT remains unratified, the less enthusiastic governments are to keep funding it.
According to the Commission of the Free Zones, affiliated to the Iraqi Ministry of Finance, in July 2007, the prices quoted below (reflecting an exchange rate based on the proposed but yet unratified Iraqi government budget for 2008 which assumes 1,260 Iraqi Dinars to the US Dollar) are indicative of land prices in Iraq?
The complementary subdivisions of "hearer" (to include addressee, unaddressed but ratified participant [or bystander], or unaddressed and unratified participant [or eavesdropper]) provide terms Herman uses to discriminate among listeners' roles within narratives or in our world, as well as among the readers, listeners, or viewers of narratives (we can read a letter sent to us as its addressee, a letter to the editor as a ratified participant, or a letter we have taken without permission from someone's desk as an unratified participant).
Sub-Federal Integration of Unratified and Non-Self-Executing Treaty Law,
That process now hinges on protocols for establishing diplomatic relations that have been signed by both governments but unratified by either parliament.
Strauss-Kahn put the onus on the G20 to act on quota reforms that were approved last year but still unratified by a number of countries, including about half of the G20.
Terminate our unilateral test moratorium, leave the CTBT unratified, and establish the international understanding that the CTBT does not apply to the five NPT-approved nuclear-weapon states.
Convicted of rape and murder Renaldo Adams was sentenced to death, but now Adams is off death row thanks to Chief Justice Drayton Nabers and the Alabama [S]upreme Court using a 5 to 4 decision based on foreign law and unratified UN treaties.