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She said: "In The Unraveling of Lady Fury, widowed Lady Fury Shelton hasn't lost everything - yet - as long as she can produce an heir to the Beaumont dukedom.
A tight-knit family shows signs of unraveling in this fast-paced, often hilarious, yet moving novel.
These ultrasonic bonders eliminate all needle and thread breakage, thread color changeover and thread unraveling problems.
Under realistic and didactic light, the shimmering garments of rich merchants and the gleaming shadows of refined interiors reflected the other side of tidy, devout Holland: crowded taverns, unruly children, untrained pets, rowdy village festivals, rampant sensuality, intemperance, and general unraveling of the domestic fabric (2).
An updated version of the ADEAR Center's publication, Alzheimer's Disease: Unraveling the Mystery, is now available with color illustrations and a companion CD-ROM.
Lowenstein traces the unraveling of LTCM, and darkly hints that Goldman Sachs undermined the firm deliberately by selling identical positions while it was reviewing LTCMs books, driving up losses and making the firm easier to acquire.
It is through the interpretation of materials that Schaerf achieves this kind of unraveling in art.
anything can happen what with the landscape unraveling,
The novel's complex structure has a self-conscious bravado, as when the three stories intersect in a single moment, a scene that is itself analogous to a tesseract: a three-dimensional unraveling of a four-dimensional hypercube.
The only question, says Haislmaier, is whether "you have a messy unraveling or a neat, controlled unraveling.
The unraveling ends in a two-step process, Lerner argues.