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The team of radiologists was engaged and paid to clear the unread scans and the hospital said this work was now complete.
The truth is, a number of these unread e-mails are from individuals who like to send unsolicited messages to multiple addresses.
Unread Email reports offer consolidated data on the number of unread email messages vis--vis the total number of messages received in each mailbox.
ALMOST half of those glossy new cookbooks bought as Christmas presents will go unread, according to a survey that shows home cooks are being put off by expensive ingredients and complicated recipes.
Time, a star, sextant, and chart will fix your place on the ocean's shifting page while its transitive grammar slips unread past the hull and spars--the run-on syntax of currents and winds, the tidal motifs and punctuation of reefs and lee shores.
w nd A secret report on the Nazi lunatic's state of mind was drawn up for British spies April 1942 but has remained unread since the war.
In start of each session, total unread emails are sum of received emails in the current session and unread emails in the previous session (if any).
Axiom-X compact omni-directional laser bar code scanners allow for up to 1,120 scans per second to reduce the rate of unread parcels and increase labor savings.
This sunken library of books still unread, ebbs to the edge of my mind,
Ellis leaves no archive of official and personal records unexamined, no newspaper unread and no screen, television or radio archive untouched, and wonders if there will be a third Investiture, and whether William will be anointed in Cardiff Bay instead of Caernarfon.
There is a book, or rather a collection of books, which at one time was a best seller but to many remains unread - The Bible.