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The unreadable is read primarily as a catalyst in a drama of non-reading, with the focus on the captive reader as she/he copes with the unreadable.
From sea to shining sea (and to the Great Salt Lake in [TEXT UNREADABLE IN ORIGINAL SOURCE.
Like at least 40 other states, however, South Carolina is experience [Text unreadable in original source] budget shortfalls.
Feedback from bank customers reveals that the third most common complaint is unreadable ATM screens on sunny days.
It is frustrating to go to a site you feel will be exactly what you are looking for, only to find the information is almost unreadable due to poor background and text color choices.
Located downtown and offers airport [Text unreadable in original source.
that people all over the United States burned the midnight oil reading his otherwise unreadable books.
Fifteen percent of the new prescriptions submitted to the hospital-owned pharmacy were unreadable and 10 percent were incomplete.
Whether it's an unreadable e-mail attachment, a document that needs to retain its formatting or a graphics-rich file, compatibility issues can be a major source of frustration.
The Sunday Mercury has learned that at least two companies in the Midlands are selling plates claimed to be unreadable by the cameras.
Voting problems in Florida got the lion's share of media attention--but inaccessible polling places, unwieldy voting systems, unreadable or confusing ballots, and glitches in voter registries made it impossible for many to successfully cast their votes.