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Khazaee said the West appears unready for constructive negotiations with Iran.
Others are more obscure, like King Canute and Elthelred the Unready.
In January 2009, in the wake of the Mumbai terror attack, M AIL T ODAY had run a series of articles pointing out just how unready the Army was to act against Pakistan.
Britain insists that the international financial body's loans should be used to support countries and not currencies, making London unready to contribute towards any fund intended to shore up the euro.
Damascus continues to appear unready to conduct any meaningful reform steps, preferring instead to merely talk about them, and form committees to study them.
Archaeologists analysing wound marks on the bones believe they date from 1002 AD when King Ethelred the Unready ordered a massacre of all Danes (Vikings) in England.
Shaath explained that Abbas "wanted to say that he had made all efforts to rescue the peace process, and that in case Israel is unready to resolve the conflict with the Palestinians then there are other alternatives such as dissolving the PA.
That may have been good short-term fix, but it left manufacturers unready when demand spiked.
Indian and Pakistani leaders agreed last month to restart a dialogue, though India was unready to restart the peace process that the two nuclear-armed rivals had begun in 2004.
While the sham trial of Aung San Suu Kyi was taking place, that review was suspended, leaving the administration surprisingly unready to respond to Tuesday's events.
says is still "completely unready for the transition" from analog to digital television?