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With Henry Thomas deemed unready to start a fixture of such magnitude, it falls to Wilson to complete as lengthy a shift as possible until being relieved by the untested rookie.
TOO little has been done to prepare claimants for a new benefit system, Citizens Advice warned after a survey found almost half felt unready to claim online and 22 per cent did not have the right banking facilities.
thinks that Armenia enters a hard phase of serious work with Russia, but the incumbent authorities are absolutely unready for that phase.
With Kurtley Beale deemed unready to start against the Lions following his return from alcohol-related problems - he is on the bench - Berrick Barnes has been selected at full-back.
With Kurtley Beale deemed unready to make the starting XV following his return from dealing with alcohol-related problems, O'Connor will act as the Wallabies' chief playmaker.
I left him unready and he wasn't ready for the race at the time, but he has made great progress since and has come back to what we thought and hoped he would be.
Not an easy set of skills for the unready, "Abracadabra
Despite repeated strikes of different workers and employees seeking pay rises, citizens seem unready to face a strike in such a vital service that eases the transport of hundreds of thousands of people in the morning to their workplaces, universities and schools.
Since joining the European Union Bulgaria has remained reform-weary, riddled with crime and corruption and wholly unready for membership, a German diplomat argues.
One third are not sure how they would handle political unrest or riots, nearly one in three feel unready for a natural disaster, one quarter aren't sure they could obtain a prescription refill or find help during a medical emergency, and one in five don't feel confident they could locate a local doctor.
Khazaee said the West appears unready for constructive negotiations with Iran.
The study shows that people in their 60s are more likely to work part time -- and to enjoy the flexibility of doing so -- to like the people they work with, think they would be bored if unemployed and feel unready to retire or simply do not want to.