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The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in its report on the case, quoting RBI said that 22 banks that were active in FDCs had mark-to-market (MTM) gains gained Rs 31,719 crore as at end- December 2008, while their unrealisable dues of 11 banks from their customers from FDCs were at Rs 755.
The idea of women juggling high-powered careers while also baking cookies and reading bedtime stories is increasingly seen to be unrealisable.
But Proust was also an importunate lover wandering through the Cities of the Plain, or as a man finally disillusioned by love and its unrealisable aspirations and frustrating complexities.
There is a lesson of hope here for those who 'have abandoned modern architecture's social agenda as hollow and unrealisable.
But his ambitious plans were scuppered by financial difficulties and building constraints which made his vision unrealisable when the Roman Catholic cathedral was consecrated in 1967.
Schubert points to his meaning by having the second section make great use of the notes C and F, recalling the unrealisable love of Caroline and Franz.
The credit freeze is partly the work of bankers and hedge fund managers who acted just like Nadya Suleman, leveraging the present for an unrealisable future.
The naked form can be glimpsed in magazines, but it has been surgically-altered, airbrushed and idealised to the point where is no longer the image of a human being but an icon of unrealisable fantasy.
The only obstacle which we face is the DUP's unrealisable demand for the humiliation of Irish republicans.
Mr Brown added: 'Far from being a hangover from a distant age or an unrealisable vision, the NHS system of funding is demonstrably the modern, rational choice.
But the real wonder, and the real individuality of Horden's work is in the little, transportable structures where lightness in weight is clearly a requirement - the Australian lifeguards station, for instance, and even more dramatic is the little ski-house, the air deliverable living pod photographed in the Swiss Alps as that man-made object in the natural environment; an image that had hitherto seemed unrealisable outside the Apollo programme.
However, chartered universities are democratic organisations with many constituencies, including staff, students, alumni and lay officers, and it was ultimately the view of our Senate and Council that the vision of the new university, although attractive, was unrealisable at this time and, further, that we simply could not afford to neglect our existing strategy as an independent university.