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Vanco Uzunov, Professor at the Faculty of Law in Skopje, says that the budget 2012 is unrealistically ambitious, particularly with regard to the economic growth rate of 4.
5-mark on Betfair at the off, suggesting his on-course odds were unrealistically short.
Levels of the tendency to hold unrealistically positive beliefs about the self were also assessed in high school seniors, and showed no prominent increase on this component of narcissism.
Some try to say it was an accident unrealistically to make the city look secure", he told Alef, a website with links to Ahmad Tavakoli, a senior parliamentarian.
There are legitimate questions about both the Clinton and Obama plans: in particular whether they make unrealistically low assumptions about the ultimate price tag (Ms.
Unrealistically black and white portraits of cigarette smokers as unhealthy, unattractive failures and abstainers as vital, successful and admirable super heroes would be simplistic and patronising, but it is certainly artistically feasible to show the negative consequences of tobacco addiction without losing credibility of plot, action, characterisation and dramatic tension.
Much of this beer is then diverted back into the UK and sold at unrealistically low prices underpinned by the fraud.
Even an unrealistically high reproduction rate couldn't counteract this effect.
In others, the equations inadequately represent the physical processes or require approximations that mar the resulting patterns--for instance, by generating snowflake shapes that are unrealistically asymmetrical.
Officials attributed the delays and cost increases to factors including poor oversight of construction by a previous hospital administration, changes made because of new government regulations and unrealistically low original cost estimates.
Whilst this is very positive news for British farmers, I'm afraid for British housewives it's the beginning of the end of an era of unrealistically cheap beef but given the boost to the region's beef producers I doubt too many of us will be complaining over much.
His unrealistically low estimate is not given in his referenced citation.