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They now know that if it takes an unrealistically long time to compute the exact solutions of certain problems that involve choosing optimal strategies from a host of possibilities, then finding acceptable approximate answers will encounter the same barrier.
The final legislation adopts an unrealistically low fee schedule and actually extends the payment period for insurance companies from eight weeks to nine weeks.
Wilkerson's staff report states that SCAG's projections ``showed unrealistically high growth.
In a memo sent to shops Allied Bakeries, whose brands include Kingsmill, Sunblest, Allinson and Mighty White, say: "The shelf price of bread has been unrealistically low for many years.
At present, the Commerce Department is underestimating the number of homes sold on contract before building permits are issued, and this is causing the preliminary estimates of new home sales to be unrealistically low," he said.
But Borucki asserts that this explanation would require an unrealistically high level of volcanism, sinc ethe Venusian lightning may occur as frequently as 100 times a second.
Even with an unrealistically generous division of assets, without significant investment (i.
An oversupply of available gas in recent years coupled with several years of warmer than normal weather unrealistically lowered the price of natural gas.
In an interview to Russian TV Channel in Moscow, the Minister said that he gave such proposal earlier in 2008 at ADB meeting in Madrid urging for upper capping oil prices which could not be raised unrealistically.
Coun Barbara Dring, chair of the city council's Licensing and Public Protection Committee, said: "People who bought any of these spirits were potentially put at risk as a result of the retailers buying unrealistically cheap stock.
It also needs to make sure its expenditure estimates are not unrealistically high and its revenue projections not unrealistically low; otherwise, Bolton taxpayers will continue paying rates that exceed what is really needed to fund the town's government.