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This is a result of the extraction of unrealizable paths explained earlier.
Posting policemen in every bus and train compartment appears to be an unrealizable demand.
Tracing the use of the phrase itself from its origin in 1931, through a series of re-introductions into the popular discourse over time, the work examines media and journalism on the subject and explores the effects of a "dream" narrative, ultimately untrue and unrealizable, on class and the development of American culture.
Universal education, the right to vote, social security, civil rights, women's rights, the rights of minorities, environmental awareness--all were once thought to be unrealizable, if thought of at all, and yet today they are largely considered basic and fundamental.
The statement of the head of the Algerian diplomacy indicates that the issue of the closed Moroccan-Algerian borders is no longer dependent on difficult and unrealizable terms.
The general public clamored for the government to take every measure necessary to cleanse the nation of what they perceived, with some reason, as the foreign enemy in its midst, The anarchist and communist movements were composed largely of disaffected immigrants who found the American Dream a tempting but unrealizable fantasy.
They must be loud and clear in their insistence that continued colonization of Palestinians in the West Bank will only increase Israel's isolation and ultimately its vulnerability.' A generation ago, James Baker, a former US secretary of state, urged Israel to give up 'the unrealizable dream of a Greater Israel.'
In the course of the election campaigns, the Albanian parties make plenty of promises even though they are aware that most of these promises are unrealizable. The political phraseology has remained the same with the Albanian parties for twenty years now and is only seen on paper due to their divisions and lack of shared strategy.
According to him, although it seems unrealizable and infeasible, the idea of confederation with some EU member should be reviewed and an agreement that would take us inside the EU should be concluded.
All threats coming from Israel and the United States are "unrealizable in reality," he added.
Global sustainability is unrealizable without a strategy that includes the oceans.
Perfection of this effort is likely an unrealizable goal; adequate personnel to fully man physical perimeters may forever be beyond reach.