unreasonable delay

See: laches
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"Further unreasonable delay on the part of Congress to approve the General Appropriation Bill that will throw a monkey wrench on the program of the administration will be unacceptable to the sovereign people that place them in office," Panelo said.
While the circuit court agreed that there was an "unreasonable delay" in mailing husband the final order, it found that husband was notified for purposes of Code 8.01-428(C) because husband's counsel endorsed the final order in court on Sept.
Businesses are required to provide notification of breaches that include certain personal information such as driver's license numbers "in the most expedient time possible and without unreasonable delay," the attorney general's office noted.
It examines whether court proceedings are conducted without unreasonable delay and decisions are enforced effectively.
The woman, known as Mrs C in a report, complained that there was an unreasonable delay in diagnosing that her husband was suffering from renal cancer, that there was an unreasonable delay in providing him with treatment and that staff had failed to communicate appropriately with him and his family.
A BHA spokesperson said: "We do not anticipate it will cause any unreasonable delay."
The judge was told by James Hodivala, for the ABC group, that there had been an unreasonable delay in the Government deciding whether the disruption was caused by socalled force majeure, and so was outside Southern's control.
The Act made it a civil offence to refuse to serve a person, to serve someone with unreasonable delay or to overcharge on the grounds of colour, race, or ethnic or national origins.
"We should particularly stress the unreasonable delay in the adoption of regulations on scrap iron import as the most serious limiting factor in the production of our steel semi-finished products," says Makstil.
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA) does require a plan sold through a PPACA public exchange to offer "'a network that is sufficient in number and types of providers' so that 'all services will be accessible without unreasonable delay,'" the analysts write, quoting the text of the statute.
To prevail, a respondent must establish that there was undue or unreasonable delay by the petitioner in asserting its rights and that prejudice to the respondent resulted from that delay.
The auditors have now hit back, saying they were still waiting for BIHL to sign off their financial statements and to supply requested documents, claiming it was an "unreasonable delay".