unreasonable fear

See: paranoia
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However, this fact should not fuel any unreasonable fear or disapproval of a device which has the potential to literally revolutionize how the medical field addresses and combats chronic pain.
Much of the reshuffling and rehashing in the PPP party, it seems, is the result of the unreasonable fear of the rise of Bhutto (Jr) who has impressed many by his intelligence and who looks, especially in the eyes, much like his famous grandfather.
Social anxiety is described as an intense and unreasonable fear of social situations
A person who suffers from depression and anxiety tends exhibit symptoms such as unprecedented and unreasonable fear, withdrawal, sweating, tight shoulders, stiff neck, irregular breathing and irregular heart beat.
Before I ready Hospitals and Health, I had what I thought was probably an unreasonable fear of hospitals; like most people, I equated hospitals with serious illness - and dying.
Despite suffering from claustrophobia, an unreasonable fear of spiders and a dodgy back, I was given the job of sitting with items removed from my late father-in-law's home.
Terrorism is the new fear factor -- especially in the West; but it is an unreasonable fear because the likelihood of being killed in a terrorist incident while travelling is as much as travelling at any time -- almost nil
You know it is an unreasonable fear, so by taking gradual steps you can stop these negative thoughts and actions and start to feel better.
Many physicians don't have a clear understanding of federal and state regulations governing pain management and overestimate state and federal restrictions on opioid use, a lapse that can contribute to unreasonable fear of regulatory scrutiny and unnecessary conservatism in prescribing, he said at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine and the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association.
But if, as Oliver and Campos both suggest, an unreasonable fear of fatness should be blamed for the bad health effects of anorexia, dangerous diet drugs, fluctuating weight, and even smoking ("a common weight loss and weight maintenance strategy," Campos notes), surely obesity can be blamed for deterring the exercise necessary to keep fit.
THEY have an unreasonable fear of certain people or places.
Referring to the three basic instincts--sex, security and society--the author explains that unreasonable fear of not obtaining one of these necessities in life can lead to unhappiness, conflict and emotional, physical and/or mental problems, and oftentimes addiction.