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We had a full rejection for [10-year] bonds' whose bid rates were unreasonably high, de Leon said.
A product is unreasonably dangerous because of a manufacturing defect if it is different from its intended design and fails to perform as safely as the intended design would have performed.
The report concluded that by unreasonably raising the prices of its products, Nestle has, prima facie, abused its dominant position in the market thus violating the Competition Law.
A defective product that is unreasonably dangerous.
Bulgarian Justice Minister Diana Kovacheva has announced that a new unit at the Supreme Judicial Council (VSS) Inspectorate will replace the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg as regards unreasonably delayed trials.
Your employer must not unreasonably refuse your request to increase your permanent hours.
The petitioners sought to have the agreement of the parents dispensed with on the basis that they were withholding that agreement unreasonably, in terms of section 16(2)(b) of the 1978 Act.
The Wortmans allege that the "home is left in a condition that renders it unreasonably dangerous and potentially uninhabitable" and are asking for $5.
The protester contends that the agency unreasonably determined its proposal to be technically unacceptable.
A referendum up for vote in Washington State this month is seeking to prohibit insurers from unreasonably denying coverage or payment of benefits to first-party claimants, and will impose stiff punishments if insurers are deemed in violation.
The legislation was brought in to give councils the power to act on complaints from residents and ensure that unreasonably high hedges are cut back.
Mr Justice Esmond Smyth said Merrion Grove Management Company Ltd, Stillorgan, Dublin, had since December unreasonably withheld its consent to the redevelopment.