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The researchers tested two ideas for the function of the claws - one for their role in securing sperm in place at the tip of the gonopodium just before it is inserted into the female, the other for grasping unreceptive or resistant females during mating to aid in sperm transfer.
Prince Naif invited me to attend a number of his majlises in Jeddah, and I saw him listen, discuss and debate with others, without appearing unreceptive or passive.
The pity was that Lee Westwood might as well have had a rusty shovel in his hands on the greens as his putter neglected to absorb heat and the hole remained tight lipped and unreceptive on too many occasions.
Writers like Robert Coover are creators of language, while translators merely attempt to convey, to force, to shove some of that creativity through a very narrow funnel into the often unreceptive vessel of the target language.
While commonplace on the Continent, English football has historically been unreceptive to the concept of a director of football.
The film has received better-than-expected reviews in Gaul--a market typically unreceptive to American comedies.
The Peace award, as often in the past, has stirred international diplomatic conflict, with China accusing the Committee of representing the interests of arrogant Western nations who seek to impose their ideas on an unreceptive world.
2bn (EUR933m) in June citing the unreceptive market and wind power overcapacity.
A1/2FIFA is not unreceptive about what has been said about the ball.
We only hear Ezri's half of the conversation, just enough to clue us in to the young man's predicament: he's new in town and has no place to stay, and his friend, whom we never see, is understood to be unreceptive to his plea.
He is polite, cool, self-effacing to a fault; for years committed to his job at the Cairo-based newspaper, Al-Ahram, and at the Centre in Cairo which was trying to propagate united African ideals in an unreceptive environment.
There are two puzzles about Marsilius and Ockham which have perplexed historians of political thought: 1) Why did not Ockham, a fierce critic of Avignon, adopt Marsilius' notion of the papal fulness of power, and 2) Why was Ockham so unreceptive to Marsilius' call for a general council?