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According to The Montreal Gazette, the court "concludes that the interest of the public in having a visual record and the commercial interests of the defendants in no way outweigh the rights over one's own image, as the pictures can be made more or totally unrecognizable, and this is a proportionate measure.
The Iraq I knew was unrecognizable from the mainstream media coverage.
Street signs are gone in some areas, landmarks obliterated, mailboxes are blown away and houses are unrecognizable if they still even stand.
And if they don't want to do it because of timidity, let them do it out of duty; for love of God; for love of Canada; or for love of their grandchildren who may well face a world where marriage is unrecognizable.
One of the easiest precautions to take is to warn employees against opening e-mails or attachments from unexpected or unrecognizable sources.
Jeff Frankel's article in your Spring 2004 issue ignores facts to twist President Bush's trade policy into an unrecognizable form.
Other artists transformed the sad pages so that they are unrecognizable as books: Ceramics, papier-mache bowls, and wildly imaginative assemblages give new lives to the old volumes.
Salem's facilities were in pristine condition when it was turned over to the city, but vandals have rendered the former air station almost unrecognizable.
Well-known photographs of artists and artworks are the originals for Fischer's detailed graphite-on-paper copies; his recent show included dozens of variations on twentieth-century portraiture, including Cindy Sherman in an untitled film still; Piero Manzoni grinning and holding a can of Artist's Shit; Robert Gober nearly unrecognizable in a wedding gown; Piet Mondrian in his tidy smock calmly regarding a grid painting; and Jean-Michel Basquiat sitting on one of his crate constructions.
Strange unrecognizable files will start appearing and files will start to get larger for no reason.
TipLine's Voice Disguise feature digitally alters the caller's voice to be unrecognizable but understandable.
The steering wheel is so covert that it is merely an unrecognizable horizontal ring that protrudes slightly from under the dashboard.