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In addition to several of these pieces and some small paintings, on display is a rare copy of the magazine Le Surrealisme, meme from 1958, edited by Breton, with its cover photograph of Ziirn's unrecognizably grotesque and bound naked body accompanied by the necrophilia-tinged caption, "Tenir au Frais" ("Keep Cool").
The effort to think through the political economy of federalism--the subject matter of this panel--amounts to an implicit acknowledgment that the appropriate division of authority between the federal government and the States cannot, and should not, be read off a constitutional text written by deeply flawed authors during a deeply flawed process designed to deal with a country unrecognizably different from the one we live in today.
If, on the face of it, the decision to spare her brother was freely taken, it was also the product of a misconception about what was possible in a world that was suddenly unrecognizably transformed.
There are really only two possibilities: Either the counterfactual politics of this alternative universe is radically, unrecognizably different from our own, or the counterfactual me who lives in this universe is radically, unrecognizably different from the real me.
On another level, The Fighter chronicles how Micky fought free of the sprawling, mostly female family that exploited him and kept him back mostly at the hands of his domineering mother, Alice (an unrecognizably teased-and-bleached Melissa Leo).
Palestinians have no rights to return to their former villages, many of which are unrecognizably altered by Israeli settlers.
Jeremy Jackson of SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography explains: "every ecosystem I studied is unrecognizably different from when I started." No single person or group is to blame; it is humanity's collective influence on nature's delicate balance.
By the same token, had not the tubercular Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip not despaired of shooting Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand after his compatriots missed with their bomb that June day in 1914, causing the motorcade to change plans and Princip to go get himself a sandwich, and had he not emerged from Schiller's Delicatessen just as the archduke's car was turning around in front of him to correct an unpredictable wrong turn, then World War I might not have been triggered and the entire history of the twentieth century would have been unrecognizably different.
In the looking-glass world of professional liability claims against insurance agents and brokers, words that we take as clear can become unrecognizably twisted and fraught with ambiguity.
Although the defense contracting side of Boeing is still the city's largest employer, and thus subject to unreliable political appetites for C-17 cargo planes, the municipal economy is now almost unrecognizably diversified.
We tend not to recognize this because relations of service and duty have changed unrecognizably in a postmodern, postcapitalist world, if they have not disappeared altogether.
Give her a week and facts only she knew would have been unrecognizably mutated by her beliefs and weaknesses.