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His immaculate turn-out and 'steady, unrecognizing stare' somehow made Siegfried drop his own 'unpresentable old hunting-crop' and dismount to pick it up" (21).
The .urry of subtextual armation brought into the poetry sustains itself in the following lines: and still thought and mind Will hurry us with them on their homeless march, Over the unallied unopening earth, Over the unrecognizing sea.
Second, Benjamin's model offers a means of conceptualizing the persistence of this division in Cassandra's relationships to other key figures in Troy: in her submissive relationships to male characters (Aeneas, Panthous) and in her distanced and unrecognizing relationship to female figures (Polyxena, Hecuba, Penthesilea).
The unrecognizing response of all men to Hecuba's forced exclusion from the council is emblematic of the intensifying public rationalization, as the social world of Troy is reduced to a commerce of bodies in relations of exchange, calculation, and control.
Even though she is dead, she is not finished," because she does not die as "Bertha Rochester." She dies unrecognized, and unrecognizing, and her remains remain the disruptive supplement to the narrative of English normalcy in which Rochester participates.