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Arnold said he did find problems that might help explain how the city wound up with a massive cash shortage, especially when it comes to unreconciled accounts.
On reflection, I would add three more problems -- the disturbed neighbourhood (with Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka all mired in internal conflicts of their own); the unreconciled borderlands (consider the discontent in Manipur, Nagaland, and Kashmir); and the shocking incapacity of our public institutions, as manifest in the malfunctioning of our universities, our law courts, our hospitals, and our C civil services.
One ever feels the two-ness, an American, a Negro," DuBois wrote "Two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled stirrings; two warring ideas in one dark body, whose dogged strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder.
While highlighting the role of agriculture in boosting the economy of the country,the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) Monday referred to competing and unreconciled approaches at the official level to the important sector.
It also includes courtesy listings that identify rejected filings not successfully resubmitted, accepted filings for which certain non-fatal errors generated by the division's program edits remain unreconciled, as well as claims where an exemption is on file with the division indicating that the injured employee may not actually be covered under the Florida workers' compensation act.
An unreconciled medication list, incomplete discharge instructions, the variety of providers--coordinating the care is really a daunting task.
Unreconciled Blairite aide Matthew Taylor sounded as if he regards politics as little more than an after-dinner game by proposing Brown waves the white napkin, calling a unilateral ceasefire against Cameron.
The problem lies in the various unreconciled approaches which different chapters take to the theme.
The world's economic superpower, the US, and one of the biggest emerging economies, India, shared dismay and regret even as they stuck by the unreconciled positions on import tariffs which sank the talks on Tuesday, while African countries were just plain angry.
Therefore we unreconciled the Betfair SP to return what we believe were fair prices.
In the best of circumstances it would be hard to conceive of the terms of a peace accord acceptable to both sides: they are entirely out of reach so long as Fatah and Hamas remain unreconciled.