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Iraq agreed in April to slash signature bonuses on two oilfield development deals and turned them into unrecoverable payments rather than soft loans.
They also said Aiful's assessments of some debtors were inaccurate, and their loans were inappropriately classified as unrecoverable loans.
This was a playful yet poetic exhibition; these humble chunks of woods seem to piece together the unrecoverable.
Data loss will be catastrophic and 100% unrecoverable, to the point that a corporation would face significant legal, PR, customer, and perhaps market value issues as well.
has enabled claimants to recover hundreds of millions of dollars in otherwise unrecoverable claims from bankrupt motor carriers over the past 70 years," Augello said.
Your comments about the recycling of lubricating oil are right on target, but Hubbard's statement concerned crude oil in general, much of which is burned as fuel and is thus unrecoverable.
If the lawyer feels there was malfeasance, the client's unrecoverable loss probably qualifies for tax treatment under Sec.
The report determines that these problems "are not safety significant as long as no unrecoverable plant condition will occur.
Warkentin and Podruchny's rich and wonderfully-focused volume, however, is organized so that the reader is constantly reminded of that absent and perhaps unrecoverable "history of the relationships between Amerindians among themselves" (Delage and Warren, 314), endowing this collection finally with an intellectual honesty and openness to engagement which make it a timely and exciting intervention in postcolonial studies.
When Bawden and his colleagues first analyzed satellite measurements of the Los Angeles area taken between 1992 and 1998, the data suggested there had been around 6 centimeters of unrecoverable compaction of sediments in the region, or about 12 millimeters each year on average.
The Biochim bank has been sold with debts which may be unrecoverable totalling Euro 230 million.
For example, for asset-intensive enterprises, unplanned equipment downtime translates to an unrecoverable loss of revenue.