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This same theme will also be the core motif behind his film Il Cristo proibito, in which the modern tragedy is represented by the impossible encounter between Christian eschatology and unredeemable human history, finding a haunting visual double in the horrifying display of butchered animals.
To make matters worse, noted the Wall Street Journal, Philip Bowman is "an unredeemable creep.
Rape; the massacres of women, children, and the elderly; military vehicles running over civilians for sport; "Zippo raids" that burned down villages; indiscriminate shelling and aerial bombardment; despoliation of crops and drinking water; routinized torture--this was the unredeemable essence of our Vietnam War, not American teenagers coming of age and bonding against a bamboo backdrop, not "good intentions" in Washington leading us into a "quagmire.
It's holding out hope that your life can mean something, that a talent can somehow be discovered, nurtured, and appreciated, even as your gut is telling you that your life is unredeemable.
Time present and time past Are both perhaps present in time future And time future contained in time past If all time is eternally present All time is unredeemable.
Ducard considers Gotham an unredeemable Sodom, and thinks that Wayne, now his protege, will assist in its destruction.
But after two hours of this play's unredeemable dysfunction and lack of meaningful movement, I'd had enough.
By giving humans freedom, God has become complicit in the senseless, unending, and unredeemable suffering of the innocent.
The angelic reconnaissance confirmed the outcry: Sodom and Gomorrah were unredeemable.
For that group of offenders who are unredeemable, I am content to educate through the satisfaction of knowing that when his/her cellmate asks why s/he is in jail or prison, s/he will have to give an answer which is repugnant in even those populations: "Because I didn't treat my dog right.
These characteristics invited others to join him in his work, work that was governed by the conviction that the unredeemable atrocities of the Holocaust and of all genocides must provoke resistance against the injustice and indifference that produce them.
We, for our part, with our small ways and narrow thoughts, might consider certain sinners as unredeemable and deserving of no forgiveness.