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Quilter suggests a 10-cent deposit will result in more unredeemed monies for OBRC.
Therefore, Giant Eagle did not meet the all-events test for the earned but unredeemed awards and should not have been able to deduct them.
Recognizing unredeemed gift card values is a revenue recognition issue.
For this reason, accountants have struggled with how to recognize these unredeemed gift cards as "breakage income.
The company offers pawn loans; and engages in the disposition of collateral from unredeemed pawn loans and the liquidation of merchandise purchased directly from customers or from third parties.
Among the aspects he discusses are peripheries, sex and demons, theater and suffering, in pursuit of history, and the Jesuit mission to Belgrade as an unredeemed loss.
At its root, idolatry amounts to worshiping something less than The Highest One for the sake of our own unredeemed ends.
Does the value on the unredeemed gift card liability account on the balance sheet ($531 million) represent the dollar value of the gift cards that Best Buy sold during that year?
Customers expressed concern on Daddy's Facebook page over the extended warranties they had purchased on their equipment, unredeemed gift cards and how to get back items they.
An estimated 6% of cards went unredeemed or expired last year for reasons such as owners losing the cards or simply forgetting about them.
The company made $56 million on unredeemed gift cards between 2007 and 2009.
Unredeemed pawn pledges fell as people were able to use the gold buying service instead.