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The second reason we think polygyne queens may mate with diploid males carrying unreduced sperm is the unusual pattern of mating that would need to be invoked in order to explain our data otherwise.
Horizontal angle errors values, for unreduced readings, do not exceed 0.
However a Department for Communities and Local Government spokesman said: "We have been clear that firefighters get an unreduced pension or a job and have changed the national framework through a statutory instrument to do so.
Bukasov (1939) suggested that Andean tetraploid landraces are of multiple origins arising through meiotic polyploidization (fusion of unreduced gametes of different cultivated diploids).
A Hessenberg matrix H is said to be unreduced if none of the subdiagonal entries (the elements [H.
Such measures may need to be accompanied by an increase in the eligibility age to receive a gratuity and/or an unreduced pension to limit incentives for early retirement.
4 (entelodondds): Ms bunodont, quadrate, with tritubercular distal lobes, uninterrupted TVs, but paraconules unreduced (OW origin).
The article on soundproofing in your June 2014 issue gives an understated impression of how much an improvement a 10-decibel reduction in sound is and an overstated impression of the risks associated with exposure to unreduced sound.
Nevertheless, the trend of increase of the number of passengers continues with an unreduced intensity as last year.
The age for unreduced retirement on future service would increase from 60 to 65.
Triploids seem to be rare individuals which arise in a diploid population, probably through unreduced gametes (2n + n) or in mixed 2x - 4x populations, where there are two possible origins: by unreduced gametes as in diploid populations, or by 2x x 4x crosses (NORRMANN et al.
It now recognises the problem, but it won't provide the legal and financial guarantees firefighters need to ensure they have a job and an unreduced pension in the future.