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39) Hart reports the range of reasons-qua-motivations participants will have for acting in accordance with law--"calculations of long-term interest; disinterested interest in others; an unreflecting inherited or traditional attitude; or the mere wish to do as others do.
As the contrast between Handley's and Haddox's positions makes clear, there is no pure consensus on what name should be given to the problematic dimensions of Whitman's Hegelianism, but it is clear that it involves, among other things, unreflecting conservatism, indifference to diversity, and a misunderstanding of what is powerful about history--all charges that threaten a more robustly democratic picture of Whitman that has its support in much of his work.
He was now made to labor on a farm; but having a great antipathy to work, when about fifteen years of age, feeling a great inclination to roam, and like too many unreflecting youths of that age, a great fondness for the sea, he in opposition to the friendly counsel of his parents, privately left them and entered on board the United States sloop-of-War, Hornet.
Simply put: vanity begets unreflecting enthusiasm, religious or otherwise.
as "Warring Claims," Cahiers Victoriens et Edouardiens 66 (2007): 413-447]) ranges among Arnold, Tennyson, Hardy, Kipling, Hopkins, and Housman, overturning old saws about Victorian poets' unreflecting endorsement of war and empire in the process.
No sooner had we left--our bodies reclining in our adjustable seats, our shoes already off--than we started to unfold our newspapers and flip through them leisurely, Madeleine and I, softly rubbing our stockinged feet; at first every man for himself in the unreflecting comfort of solitary reading, then, little by little, together, mingling our feet and arms to the unbridled delight of our senses, uniting our mouths in the euphoria of the voyage we were commencing, our legs, our hands, what do I know, our thighs, our hips.
Although reparation orders were designed to be restorative, in many cases the pressure of work and practitioner cynicism have combined to create a production-line of mechanistic and unreflecting drudge-work which is of no benefit to victims and of little significance to offenders.
From the steps of Kenkeleba, looking across at the shooting galleries, you saw unreflecting windows and bricked-up facades, like doorless entrances to Hades.
Such imprisonment in 'mere' political history is what causes Nietzsche to liberate Napoleon and elevate him to the status of an incarnation of the 'Unzeitgemasser', the unreflecting man of deeds, the ultimate genius, and the 'Ubermensch'.
The point of Houston was precisely its pointlessness, its randomness, its raw, unreflecting energy.
The house gun (1998) again deals with issues of transforming identities in postapartheid South Africa, interestingly engaging with representations of the law and courts, clearly endorsing the new constitution and its values, and presenting a rather unreflecting universal endorsement of the document as the voice of the people (Lenta, 2001).
He has none of the sour and unreflecting anti-Americanism of some of the elected officials he served.