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Andrew Stauffer presses farther to find in the complementary, preservative force of the cyber-edition a point of departure for revaluing "the rhetorical procedures enjoined by the printed page." (10) The unprecedented option of the electronic text, he argues, carries with it methodological consequences for a heightened understanding of how the Victorians read, and of how we have, thus far pretty unreflectingly, followed suit when we read them reading.
Yet the first is unreflectingly dubbed language and the second music, without any explanation how they differ.
(71) Mostly they take up, unreflectingly, the Catholic polemic against "fundamentalist sects" and blame the Pentecostal movement, (72) who, they say, make no contribution to liberation from poverty and oppression but "reflect religious misery as in a mirror" (73).
There Coleridge divides "the professed Friends of Liberty" (CC 1.37) into four classes.(23) The first class is composed of "dough-baked Patriots" who unreflectingly "give an indolent Vote in favour of Reform" (CC 1.37-38).
The widely held belief that television fantasy violence stimulates aggression in the real world and should be censured is what propaganda experts might call "a big lie"--a grotesque fabrication to which all unreflectingly subscribe.
In this pressurized context, investment in various manifestations of the digital future is typically viewed unreflectingly as a good thing.
"At the same time," Treichler notes, "no other single view is so over-archingly irrefutable, so unreflectingly embraceable, or so glibly deployable in short-circuiting discussions of structural inequalities, politics, and economic needs." Treichler shows how activists struggled to rewrite this emotive humanistic drama (with its cathartic "beautiful collective political action.
Jones seems simply unaware of literary scholarship of recent decades; for example, he charges into the issue of homoeroticism, bandying about the word "homosexual" unreflectingly with no acknowledgment of the vast recent theorizing and debate on this subject, and his fulminations against homophobic criticism betray no recognition that sonnets have been studied by those sympathetic to their homoerotic potential.
following of some documentary evidence) is `inspired':(2) Roger Norrington, with his strict adherence to Beethoven's metronome markings; Christopher Page, with his Stravinskyesque approach to 15th-century courtly songs, whose style `arose out of a fundamental rethinking of the repertory in its specific details, and on as close to its own aesthetic and historical terms as human nature and human epistemics allow, rather than from the acceptance of a standard of beauty or of audience appeal imported unreflectingly from past experience' (p.
Language learners--not just `barbarians', but also the children within a linguistic community, acquiring their native tongue--will encounter any number of corrective utterances, unreflectingly given and often just as unreflectingly received and put into practice.
The critical commentaries (if one can call them such) are often insightful, but even here they reflect an annoying tendency to equate unreflectingly the biography of a writer with his work.
One way of not doing so is then to see the nature of pleasure, not as the easy ground-floor concept of Utilitarianism as standardly presented, but as something far more deeply puzzling than we unreflectingly take it to be.