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And second, he would point out that the very concept of unreflective or animal knowledge is theory-laden and would insist on the fierce and unresolved disagreement on the topic between internalists and externalists.
less, prone to credit reflective reactions than unreflective ones, on
To be reductive, Ramone nicely illustrates throughout her text that postcolonialist theorists are critical of the unreflective colonial imposition of any totalizing form of order or system on the colonized other.
I outlined some essences of epistemic sensibility- pervasive attitude in society, gate keeping contextualism, identification of new items, unreflective consciousness, judgment of moral beliefs, epistemic reliability and trustworthiness, and pedagogical and cognitive disequilibrium.
Although the immediate reaction is to question Mr Karnad's sudden affinity for attacking literary greats -- it certainly helps keep his name in the headlines -- the establishment's immediate closing of ranks has been equally unreflective.
The far opposite side has developed a one-dimensional perspective on classical Christianity by drawing a picture of God created from an unreflective reading of scripture using whatever prejudices one brings as the crayons.
If you see the conversation she was involved in on Twitter at the time, responding to a comment made by another user that the term "black community" - used so often by the media - was actually lazy and unreflective, then the comment is suddenly less offensive.
This lack could be because Bucky himself is so unreflective, but this reader, anyway, wanted more.
There really was something unreflective, bullying, and aloof in Bush's personal style that recalled Tom Buchanan.
A recent Abu Dhabi Gallup poll showing that only 15 percent of Egyptians back the Muslim Brotherhood was dismissed by the group's leaders as inaccurate and unreflective of the group's popularity.
Some Pakistani officials, who had sought to argue that the murder of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer at the hands of his own security guard in January was an anomaly and unreflective of broader societal trends, were proven wrong by this shocking incident, she said.
In "A Cultish Side Of Calvinism", author and Pastor Micah Coate cogently addresses a critically important issue within Calvinist theology and practice--the necessity of distinguishing the theology of Calvinism from the insidious seductions associated with the establishment of cults, particularly Christian cults, by departing from Scriptural imperatives and investing inappropriately in unreflective compliance with the dictates of mortal men.