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Some critics of foreign aid programs, like Easterly, argue that such programs can be reformed to work better, while others, like Deepak Lal (2006), argue that foreign aid is fundamentally unreformable and should, apart from emergency humanitarian relief or perhaps targeted military assistance, be scrapped.
13) Some increased level of supervision or incapacitation may be necessary for more violent juvenile offenders, but Roper begs the question of whether unreformable, "superpredator" (14) children really exist.
Their familiar story goes like this: The Soviet Union was a totalitarian dictatorship, and therefore unreformable from within.
But she isn't wrong to point out the particularly inhumane aspects of Islam, and her opinion that Islam may be unreformable is certainly not uninformed.
Noted scholar of educational administration Lieberman is convinced the American education system is sinking under its own weight into an unreformable situation.
With disheveled hair and a crooked smile, Grace seems unreformable.
He dismisses the United Nations as unreformable, saying that it lacks "both democratic legitimacy and effectiveness in dealing with serious security issues," but he also thinks that the ad hoc "coalitions of the willing" the United States has assembled in Iraq and elsewhere lack international legitimacy.
The problems are all connected with the inefficient and unreformable SOEs.
Dmitri Trenin's conclusion reassesses the reasons why defense reform had failed through 2003 and addresses the paradox that though many are calling for reforms, many others correctly observe that the system itself is unreformable.
The pessimists speculate that Bashar is Syria's Gorbachev, stymied by a terribly shaky economic and political system that seems unreformable.
Moin wants to reform a system that is unreformable.
There's no honest way of getting around the fact that the UN is UNAmerican, UNacceptable, UNrepentant, UNregenerate, and UNreformable," says Mr.