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Melatonin (sustained release preferred): 3-6 mg 30 minutes prior to bedtime if patient is experiencing insomnia or unrefreshed sleep.
If your sleep is disturbed or you wake up unrefreshed, then it could be time to change your mattress.
The principal characteristic of it is Ambrosio's affective response; the dream leaves him "heated and unrefreshed.
4% had sleep complaints, including waking feeling unrefreshed, early awakening, difficulty falling asleep, and middle of the night awakening.
These symptoms include: Fatigue, Waking unrefreshed, Cognitive symptoms, Somatic (physical) symptoms in general (such as headache, weakness, bowel problems, nausea, dizziness, numbness/tingling, hair loss).
WE ALL know what it's like to spend a night struggling to sleep and getting out of bed unrefreshed the next morning.
So waking unrefreshed, and with no motivation, occurs because one's sleep pattern is unbalanced, which is physically exhausting due to the decreased amount of restorative slow-wave sleep, and mentally draining due to the increased firing of the orientation response (which normally fuels our daytime motivation and attention capacities, which is why depressed people find concentration so difficult) during dreaming.
The 2010 fibromyalgia clinical diagnostic criteria (4) * Widespread pain index (WPI) The WPI score depends on the number of sites where the patient had pain in the last week (score: 0 - 19) The 19 sites are ( R - right; L - left ): Shoulder girdle R/L Hip (buttock, trochanter) R/L Jaw R/L Upper arm R/L Upper leg R/L Chest Lower arm R/L Lower leg R/L Abdomen * Symptom severity (SS)scale Fatigue Waking unrefreshed Cognitive disturbance General somatic symptoms The score for each of the 4 symptoms is allocated as 0 (no problem), 1 (slight), 2 (moderate) and 3 (severe).
The National Sleep Foundation says that 58 percent of adults occasionally experience at least one of the four symptoms of insomnia; besides middle-of-the-night wakefulness, the others include difficulty falling asleep, repeated waking during the night and feeling unrefreshed when it's time to get up.
Signs of postnatal depression include: Tearfulness for no obvious reason, very frequently; Longing for sleep, yet waking unrefreshed each morning; Difficulty getting to sleep; Sometimes losing sense of time - not telling the difference between 10 minutes and two hours; Having to put a front on for the world and struggling to see the funny side of life.
Participants who often complained of excessive sleepiness or feeling unrefreshed, or who had an Epworth score > 10 were identified as sleepy.
Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS), on the other hand, is defined as an AHI [greater than or equal to]5 accompanied by either excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) or two or more of the following symptoms such as witnessed apneas, recurrent awakenings, waking unrefreshed, morning-headache, daytime fatigue or impaired concentration or memory.