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We have finally made that proposition an unrefutable reality.
150) "We have unrefutable evidence that all discussions about Estonia's and Latvia's readiness to join the Eastern Pact have been only clever and deceptive maneuvers of Ulmanis, Munters, Laidoner and Pats to mislead the Soviet Union.
But as the young, troubled Mvskoke canvasses the Oklahoma landscape, he encounters clean, unrefutable bits of his family's history and his own story, presented to him through magical realism brought on by the tales of his great aunt Lucille.
The issue can be boiled down to a basic, unrefutable fact: Fresh water suitable for human use is a finite resource, accounting for less than 3 percent of the earth's total water supply.
Although I disagree with his conclusions as they apply to my own situation, his rationale is entirely sound and unrefutable.
This means appeals to "higher truths" and unrefutable principles.
We all agreed that going undercover was the only way to get unrefutable information on often alleged, always denied violations of the 1968 federal Civil Rights Act and professional standards of conduct.
Lowi's unrefutable example is Richard Nixon, who tinkered with Executive Office reorganization and grants administration to make the War on Poverty efficient and businesslike.
Fifth, sampled payments are considered correct ulness documented evidence to the contrary is made available; given the complexities of the employment security laws and policies that specify the eligibility criteria--especially those related to the "availability for work" and "active-search-for-work" requirements--it is likely that overpayment errors are somewhat understated simply because unrefutable documentation could not be obtained.