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93) The FCC's sole explanation quoted Trumper Communications that only "credible, unrefuted evidence" of a third party as the true sponsor would be sufficient to require broadcasters to name someone other than the apparent sponsor.
An abundance of unrefuted scientific laws at our disposal therefore reduces rather than inflates the variety of courses of action open to us.
But when such an esteemed, influential writer as Patrick Collins does what so many others do when dipping their toes into the world of betting and getting it so wrong it's important to ensure myths such as the belief that bookmaker advertising is to blame for match-fixing do not go unrefuted.
defining MCS as [1] a chronic condition [2] with symptoms that recur reproducibly [3] in response to low levels of exposure [4] to multiple unrelated chemicals and [5] improve or resolve when irdtants are removed) are still unrefuted in published literature.
The Cochran-Harpending hypothesis seems condemned to lie in conspicuous limbo, unconfirmed and unrefuted.
63) As far as I am aware, my arguments stand unrefuted.
This is due to cosmology being the manifestation of the Creator's greatness and His unique creation unrefuted by humans.
Kymlicka continues, "Whenever someone tries to defend the free market, or anything else, on the grounds of freedom, we must demand that they specify which people are free to do which sorts of acts"--everyone is free to do whatever sorts of acts do not proactively impose on others--"and then ask why those people have a legitimate claim to those liberties"--it is an unrefuted conjecture that such complete liberty is desirable--"i.
The masthead carried a quotation from Marx: 'To leave error unrefuted is to encourage intellectual immorality'.
In the distorting mirror of naive falsificationism, new theories which replace old refuted ones, are themselves born unrefuted.
For to say that miracles are unknowable owing to the unknowability of an omnipotent God is a critique that "only leads to Calvin's teaching on miracles," (33) that is, to a teaching which Strauss had presented in his Spinoza's Critique of Religion as one that is left unrefuted by Spinozad.
Against this background, plaintiff presented at trial unrefuted testimony from its medical biller, establishing a business-record foundation for introduction of plaintiff's no-fault bills into evidence.